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The lodge is situated in a privileged site of the island of Tierra del Fuego. Being that this area is a minimally exploited zone, it is possible to observe its nature in its virgin condition with man’s scanty intervention. The lodge’s cabins are the foundation of an important long-term ecological project. Its constructions are created in harmony to the environment that surrounds it. The needed energy to sustain the lodge is obtained using renewable resources, like wind and solar. It is very important that the visitor has full conscience and feels compromised in intervene as little as possible in the place that will be his/her home for a few days.

We are located at the southwest part of the island, far from any civilization, a remote place with hard access even for the inhabitants of the sector. Important efforts have been done, not only economic, but also in force of labor, to be able to have the necessary facilities to offer our guest a repairing and comfortable resting time. Thanks to all the human effort, it has been achieved the initiation of the season 2009. We have 6 cabins, totally equipped, fuel-wood heat, satellite communication and with a previous configuration , the guest can have Internet connection on his/her own computer.

Important advances have been realized, to give the much deserved importance and definitive growth to Tierra del Fuego. Such as: The completion at this moment of Pto.Yartou’s Sawmill Museum construction. The museum is located just 5 kilometers from the ecological village Tierra del Fuego. Also more investments are been incorporated in tourist services, such as construction and improvements to the existing road that reaches the village.

Turismo Kemanta Ltda. / Tourism Tierra del Fuego : Plot 1C 4-7, Locality of Timaukel,

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